Our Story

In 2015, I went on a self imposed venture of creating my own cosmetics. I simply got tired of the long decision making process in the toiletry isles of department stores. Standing there reading the ingredient lists while excusing myself for being in someone’s way. All the while wondering what most ingredients were and why they were in a particular product. I mean, shouldn’t a product have ingredients I can relate to? It was just all too much.

So I went home one day determined to create something with ingredients I could understand, and pronounce. I would make a few different variations using the same ingredients and test them out with family members and friends. And let me tell you, nailing down the perfect formulation was a labor of love!

I started my journey with a long time favorite, lanolin. Lanolin has always been a go to for me when it came to my lips. Because who wants to look like they just kissed a cheese grater?! Right?! 

​I'm the proud mother of two beautiful children, Jaiden and Madison and in 2016 we became the proud owners of:

JaidenMadison Logo

​You see, this line is not just a hobby or a just a business. This line is my love and I named it after such. I’m simply a mom wanting to build a small empire for my kids. Something they can be proud of.